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With more than a decade of experience serving individuals who serve and protect our nation. As a company which is continually expanding its reach to find new and groundbreaking ways to produce exceptional products and services,

Aspetto is a name trusted by defense and security officials. Military members, law enforcement individuals, government contractors, and federal agents all know that the right security products and services allow them to complete their respective missions in the most effective way. This is why Aspetto is entrusted with helping these security professionals complete all of their goals in a safe and efficient manner.

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Aspetto KWIQ

The Aspetto KWIQ was designed to make the process of both donning and doffing a vest as secure and simple as possible. Its patented technology is the core of its simplicity; all the operator has to do is “push it” into the channel to secure the vest or “lift” and “pull” to release. Along with former Marines, our team of mechanical engineers worked tirelessly to create the best solution possible without compromising strength, maneuverability, and speed. This is the Aspetto KWIQ - born to better serve you.


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